You may be placed on probation in Virginia if you were charged with a crime, and the judge determines probation is a just consequence. Often times, individuals are placed on probation instead of receiving a jail sentence. Whether you’ve violated your ignition interlock in Fairfax, or failed a drug screening in Prince William County, you may need an attorney who will educate you on your situation and your options.

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If you’ve been placed on probation in Virginia, you must abide by the following:

(1) Report to your assigned probation officer in person or over the phone
(2) Appear in court if and when requested
(3) Not possessing a firearm
(4) Abstaining from the use of drugs and alcohol
(5) Maintaining employment
(6) Not committing any crimes
(7) Not leaving the state of Virginia (unless given permission)

Common Probation Violations in Virginia

If your probation officer believes at any time that you may have violated your terms, you could be facing additional charges. Some of the most common probation violations include the following:

(1) Fail to report to your probation officer
(2) Fail to appear in court
(3) Fail to pay court-ordered fines
(4) Being arrested
(5) Violating ignition interlock
(6) Testing positive for drugs or alcohol

Penalties for Violating Your Probation in Virginia

The penalties associated with violating a probation order in Virginia vary. Some of these penalties include the following:

(1) A longer probation period
(2) Possible jail time
(3) Additional terms to the probation order
(4) Revoking the probation order altogether and serving the remaining probation time in jail

Fight Your Probation Violation in Virginia

If you have been charged with violating your probation, the evidence must be shown by the prosecution. The prosecution must prove that the violation was intentional rather than a simple mistake, such as a faulty ignition interlock system in Loudoun. Accidentally violating probation is a common occurrence in Virginia, and must be defended in order to avoid additional penalties. No matter your violation, whether intentional or accidental, you will need an attorney who knows how to fight it. You have the right to (1) see a written notice of your allegations and to (2) have your case heard in court. Do not simply accept a probation violation without consulting an attorney who will fight against it.

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